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KRDK Advent Belt for only $19.95+shipping

February 13, 2010 3 comments


Searched online seems to be that these are hard to find.  Toys N Joys has the Advent Belt for only 20 bucks.  I might buy one.  Plus it doesn’t take 4-7 weeks unlike the other site I posted.

Click here to get your Advent Belt.


Best place to buy Kamen Rider Belts and merchandise. Cheap and good Quality!

February 12, 2010 5 comments

So I was searching around the internet on good Kamen Rider websites.  And then I thought about, hey I really want a Kamen Rider belt and then I finally found a site with actually really good prices and it seems to be great quality at the same time. really does have the best selection on both not only Kamen Rider but also Super Sentai and even other Tokusatsu series like Ultraman.

I highly recommend you buy from them, what I am currently looking at is the belts.

Kabuto belt for only 31$

Ryuki/Dragon Knight belt for only 31$ and this seems to be hard to find in stores.

The ever famous Decade belt.

They have a HUGE selection of Tokusatsu, the genre of Kamen Rider/Power Rangers, merchandise.  I’m actually considering the Kabuto belt and Kabuto Action figure myself.

Kamen Rider Double W: Double Extreme Cyclone/Joker and Accel’s Trial Form

February 11, 2010 1 comment

Some news for all Kamen Rider Double fans.

New scans of what seems to be Double Extreme Cyclone/Joker and Accel’s Trial form.  Seems to be some new attachments to Double.

New Kamen Rider Dragon Knight for 2010?

February 11, 2010 3 comments


Alot of castings are going off and apparently Kamen Rider is listed as “On-Hiatus” for Cartoon Network.

Check here

What’s surprising is that this isn’t the only news for a New Kamen Rider series in America.

Bandai is going to be creating more Kamen Rider toys throughout 2010, here’s what they stated on the official Bandai site:

Bandai America Incorporated will continue to distribute the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight toys/products in 2010. We will maintain our support for our long-term partner, Adness Entertainment, and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

Now isn’t that a little weird that Bandai is going to continue to create more Kamen Rider products even though the show is “canceled.”

Now there talk at once of a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight movie to be produced but since the show has been canceled the talk has stopped but with this news it might bring back a movie into the picture.

What I’m guessing is that Cartoon Network is trying to improve CNReal by bringing Kamen Rider into the line up, from there they’re hoping to improve on ratings and hopefully we’ll see either a new Kamen Rider series or a Kamen Rider movie.

Official Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Bandai website.