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Green Ranger vs. White Ranger

February 12, 2010 19 comments

Probably one of the biggest discussions of anything related to Power Rangers.  Other than the Jason the Red Ranger, who would win in a fight? The Green Ranger or the White Ranger?  Seeing as both are leaders and both are just indescribably cool it’s such a hard decision.   So what I’m going to do today is try and figure out which is better.  Also who was a better leader, Tommy as the Green Ranger or Tommy as the White Ranger?


The green ranger has a modified helmet of the Red Ranger, seeing as in the Sentai series that it was adapted from the Green Ranger and Red Ranger were brothers.  The Green Ranger has his Gold chestplate and bearings around his arms, which is totally cool.  Especially with all the episodes were different Rangers had the Green Ranger gold chest.

Now the white ranger has the kick ass helmet signaling the leader ranger, since when the White Ranger came into the series he practically took over Jason’s position as the leader.  Now he resembles an eagle, appealing to the American culture.  With the same Gold colors.  Seems bigger though and in a fight seems like all this gear would weigh someone down.

Winner: Green Ranger

The Zord:

Probably one of the most “F*** YEAH” zords ever to be brought out into a battle.  You know when you heard that Green Ranger play his Dragon Dagger.  The colors are awesome.  The form is awesome.  The guy had his own Zord that was capable of fighting 5 zords in one.  This would even turn a 5 part Zord into a 6 part, creating a Overkill effect, just look how awesome this is.

The White Rangers zord was alright but seemed weak.  It was designed to be 1/5 of a 5 part zord.  So of course it was going to be smaller than the Dragon Zord.  The chest area of the Zord is pretty slick featuring the White Tiger Zord head.

The Winner:  Green Ranger

Background/Leadership skills:

The Green Ranger originated as a Villan in the series.  He was defeated though by the Red Ranger, and came to his senses.   The idea of a even cooler looking ranger who was evil and then decides to join the team was just awesome.  Note: Another F*** YEAH! moment.  He still was under Jason’s leadership and seemed to be less powerful than he was as the evil Green Ranger.  The Green Ranger has the Dragon Dagger used as a flute to bring in the Dragon Zord.

Probably one of the best Leaders in history.   A ranger with powers that could not be made evil. The white ranger brought the team through many stages.  He was always positive and was a great contribution to the team.  He fought for justice and knew his right.  He was the best Leader ranger ever.  The White Ranger holds Saba, the talking White Tiger sword.

The Winner:  White Ranger

Final Conclusion:

Both are amongst the best of the best for Rangers, heck they’re the same guy.  But for some retro is just is better.  The White Ranger was too child friendly and too Perfect Warrior like.  The Green Ranger is just that awesome bad ranger turned good, he’s hardcore.  His Dagger, Zord, even his outfit makes you wish you had that Gold chest plate.   You know back in the 90s every kid wanted to be the Green Ranger.  So altogether 2/3 for Green, 1/3 for White.

The Winner:


Power Morphicon 2010!

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

The Power Morphicon is coming this year to Pasadena, California.  The last Power Morphicon was back in 2007 and it featured some great interviews with alot of the original cast members, writers, producers and so much more.

It’s going to be great this year and I hope to see alot of videos uploaded online of the events taking place.

The Con takes place August 27th-29th of 2010.

So far the attendees are:

Walter Jones, the original Black Ranger.

Jason David Frank, the original White/Green Ranger aka Tommy.

Steve Cardenas, the 2nd red ranger.

Even Bulk and Skull are going to be there.  Check here for the full list and more info.